Other extreme energy sources

In addition to information on coal, CoalSwarm is developing information on other extreme energy sources including tar sands, natural gas and oil derived from fracking, nuclear power, offshore oil drilling, and biofuels.

Among these various energy sources, CoalSwarm has placed a priority on fracking. Across the United States, hundreds of grassroots citizen groups have formed in response to the drilling boom that has resulted in 493,000 active natural gas wells in 2009, double the number in 1990. This drilling boom is posing unprecedented challenges to rural communities. Impacts include air pollution, water pollution, explosions, and tremors. Fracking is now occuring in at least 31 states as well as in Argentina, Canada, China, Russia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. In addition to state and country overviews, CoalSwarm provides information on fracking regulations, summaries of fracking studies, and information on particular impacts.