Led by China, which both mines and burns roughly half of all world coal, Asia dominates world coal consumption. CoalSwarm includes a range of information on mining and power production within China as well as the expanding overseas investments of Chinese companies. CoalSwarm also has developed extensive resources on India, a country that relies heavily on coal for production of electricity. Since 2007 planning and construction of new coal-fired power plants in India has accelerated, and hundreds of new plants are in currently in the pipeline, as shown in CoalSwarm’s India coal plant tracker. A number of Indian states, such as Uttar Pradesh (population 200 million), Maharashtra (population 112 million), and Bihar (population 104 million), would rank among the world’s most populous if they were independent countries.

Besides China and India, Asia has a number of other countries that rank high in global coal markets, including five of the top coal importers (Japan, China, South Korea, India, and Taiwan). Indonesia is the world’s second largest exporter of coal, surpassed only by Australia. Mongolia, with major coal reserves, is aiming to quadruple its coal production.

Other countries on the Asian country plan to significantly boost their coal-fired generating capacity. Vietnam, already a significant producer and exporter of coal, is pursuing plans to add over 100,000 MW of new coal fired capacity by 2030. Turkey is also planning major additions.

Across Asia, communities have organized to oppose coal mines and plants. Hot spots include Bangladesh (where the proposed Phulbari mine threatens to displace over 200,000 people), Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, JharkhandMaharashtra, and Orissa.