“CoalSwarm is the central nervous system that this movement needed. It is invaluable.”
Lester Brown, founder, Earth Policy Institute

“CoalSwarm is a great example of a loose community united by a common cause developing a shared resource to do their collective work better.”
Advocacy 2.0

“For the more academic activist, look to CoalSwarm, the one-stop-shop wiki for all the dirt you need on coal. CoalSwarm is an effort to create transparent, group-source information about the coal industry: tracking plant announcements, political maneuvers, lawsuits and more. As one supporter explained: ‘It’s putting information once the province of lobbyists into local activist’s hands.’”
Rachel Barge, SolveClimate

“Environmental Integrity Project uses CoalSwarm on a weekly basis, as it serves as our online library for information about coal plants. The data is both well organized and easy to find, and I’ve learned not to start research without checking the CoalSwarm site first, which often has the data we are looking for. The Internet has greatly expanded the ability of environmental nonprofits to conduct research that would have been much more time consuming in the past. But CoalSwarm makes it so much easier by sorting and organizing data that would take many hours to assemble, even with the aid of powerful search engines. Information is power, and CoalSwarm has made the environmental community that much more powerful in the fight to kick the U.S. coal habit.”
Eric Schaeffer, Executive Director, Environmental Integrity Project